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Week 15
~ Blah

I can't really tell if the week flew by or dragged by. It's just been a blah week. The constipation has finally subsided . . . thanks to double doses of Miralax and McAlister's Chili. There is still soooo much to do to get ready for the baby, and I feel like we're never going to get it all done before our little one arrives. I need to not stress myself out about everything, but with the pressures of getting ready for the new addition and even more pressure from work, it seems so pointless sometimes.

On a positive note, I've started to feel the baby move! It feels like popcorn popping in my lower abdomen. I've been waiting to feel him/her move for awhile, and I'm excited that it is finally starting to feel real! Not that it felt fake before, but I'm actually feeling pregnant now.

Next week I go for my six-month teeth cleaning. I've been to the same dentist my entire life and I can't wait for them to hear the good news! Other than that, the next couple of weeks are free from any kind of outside stress. Right now we're just waiting on my sister-in-law to have her baby! He could come anytime in the next two weeks. She has been through this all before and is way calmer than her husband. Her husband is a nervous wreck!

~ Sarah

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