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Sarah's Pregnancy Journal

Week 17
~ A New Arrival

As of Friday, November 13th, I am a new Aunt! My sister-in-law had her baby at 3:02 pm, after 10 minutes of pushing. Little Adam weighed 6 pounds and 12 ounces, and was 21 inches long. He is such a good baby so far! He hardly ever cries and only gets up once during the night.

It's just now starting to hit me that in 23 weeks, I will be responsible for the life and well being of another person who will be totally helpless. If it was not for my husband I would have been in freak-out mode. His response was, "There are so many horrible and worthless parents out there, who somehow, some way manage to raise a baby. If they can do it without caring about the baby's health or happiness, two people who will care for and love their baby unconditionally can do it." Sometimes he knows the exact words that I need to hear.

We had a doctor's appointment a couple of days ago and everything is progressing right on track. The baby's heart beat was at 150 beats a minute and the baby was low and on the left side of my stomach. My blood pressure is also doing well at 108/74. I've gained 2 pounds in my pregnancy so far. We go back on December 10th, when I will be 20 weeks, to get an ultrasound to try to determine if our little one will be a boy or girl. Both Jamie and I think that it is a girl. If so, we'll name her Gwendolynn Kaylee. If it is a boy, it will be Michael Ritch, though I am in favor of spelling Michael differently: M-I-C-H-E-A-L. I don't think Jamie likes it spelled that way though.

I'm still going through a "nesting" phase as I managed to wrap all of the Christmas presents I have bought so far. Then, I cleaned the bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. Our house has NEVER looked this clean! I even organized all our movies alphabetically by title. I have to say it did take me most of the weekend - we are not the neatest people in the world. There is still soooo much to do before the baby gets here though. We haven't even started on the nursery and we have almost nothing clean to wear. It's definitely going to be another "nesting" weekend!

So, Jamie didn't get to feel the baby kick, but he did get to feel the baby! I was lying on my back in the bed last night and unconsciously started rubbing my stomach. I knew the baby was low and on the left and pressed down a little on the area and I could feel the baby underneath my fingers! I pulled up my shirt, grabbed Jamie's hand and placed where I had felt the baby. Jamie's face lit up with surprise and delight, and in that moment of seeing his face, all my worries went away.

~ Sarah

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