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Week 18
~ A Normal Week

It's been a pretty normal week as far as things go. No major events or surprises. I am getting more of an appetite now, and not throwing up nearly as often. I just have to be careful of smells. I have been craving double cheeseburgers and fries . . . which I think is a good thing, because up until now, I haven't wanted meat at all.

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, we don't have too many places to be. With my parents divorced and Jamie's parents divorced, holidays can get tricky. On the up side, we always get plenty of food! It should be a relatively peaceful Thanksgiving with little stress. Hopefully I'll get lots of rest so I can get up early and go shopping on Black Friday!

The baby is still moving, though I have yet to feel it on the outside of my stomach. I can't wait until Jamie is able to feel it too! I did have the most horrible leg cramp I've ever had yesterday. I soaked in a warm bath and then put a heating pad on it before bed. I also took some Tylenol. By the morning my leg was fine, just a little sore. I hope it doesn't happen again!

Have a Happy Turkey Day!!
~ Sarah

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