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Sarah's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19
~ The Countdown Begins!

Thanksgiving went better than I expected - I actually kept down my food! I still can't eat very much at one sitting, no matter how hungry I am. I'll be starving and sit down with my plate and eat only half of what I put on my plate. I'm still giving myself normal portion sizes rather than a smaller portion I will actually eat. I find it weird that I can't finish my plate . . . I've never had that problem in the past!

My mother-in-law took me to get a few new maternity outfits, and I absolutely love them! They probably won't make it through the entire pregnancy, but it should last me a good while. By the time I get as big as a blimp, I really won't care what I'm wearing! It's good to have some new outfits to choose from to go to work.

Black Friday wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I went to Kohl's at 4 in the morning, though I didn't wait in any lines. My sister-in-law was at Office Depot at 3am waiting in line for the doors to open at 6am. Jamie and his brother were in line at Hhgregg by 1am and waited in line until 5am so they could get a television for their grandfather. Almost all of the Christmas shopping is done!

Next week we get to find out whether we're having a boy or girl! I haven't been this excited my whole pregnancy! I hope and pray the baby will be turned the right way for them to see. It has definitely been more active this past week, though Jamie still hasn't felt it kick. Our baby is so stubborn! The way it's moving, it may be a gymnast one day! The countdown until we find out the gender has commenced!

~ Sarah

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