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Weeks 22 & 23
~ Time Flies When You're Having Fun

The past couple of weeks have flown by with the holidays. I need a vacation from the holidays! I'm hoping to get settled back into a routine, but I seriously doubt that will happen between now and Michael being born. Step one is done concerning the nursery - the furniture has been ordered and is being delivered within the next week. Now to clean out the nursery that is filled with boxes that were never unpacked when we moved in a year and a half ago.

I did get the spare bedroom cleaned and organized with the help of my sister-in-law Amy and her friend Ashley. While we did that, Jamie and his brother Josh put in the vanity and shoe molding in the master bathroom. Then they installed the toilet! YAY for a new toilet!!! I never thought I would be so happy to have a toilet in my life!

We started going through the boxes in the nursery, but it's taking some time. We have nowhere to put all the stuff that we're finding! On top of that, we still haven't taken down our Christmas tree and lights. I know we've been lazy, but it was so nice to lie around in the bed and cuddle for a couple of days! I certainly needed the rest.

I've also realized that I need to start making lists of names and addresses for baby showers. I want to have them finished at least 3 or 4 weeks before I'm due. I don't want to have to rush to get the house ready for Michael when I'm going to be as big as a house. I also want a little space to breathe in case he comes early.

I'm pretty sure I've gained more weight in the past four weeks than I have my entire pregnancy. It depresses me to think about it, but I know that the baby needs to get proper nutrients so I'm not complaining too much. I'm just trying to stay as healthy as I can!

~ Sarah

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