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Week 25
~ Progress!

We have finally started on the nursery! We painted one wall blue and left the others a sandstone color. We still have to paint the trim on the window and molding but the painting part is mostly out of the way. It is a Superman Blue to go with our Justice League theme. We only painted one of the walls blue because we felt the room would look too small with such a dark color on all the walls. We are having one of our friends make us some curtains for the two windows in the room. The curtains will be Superman's cape and Batman's cape.

Jamie's Papa also came over and helped us put together some of the furniture. We have the dresser/hutch together and the changing table as well. We'll put the crib up when we finish painting the trim. I'm so excited that it seems like things are finally starting to come together. Except for the laundry, the house is also clean and it's amazing what a load that takes off my shoulders.

We have been re-doing our master bathroom for awhile, and it looks as though next week it will be finished. Then we get to start on the hallway bath . . . what fun. We have a friend who does granite countertops and he is going to do the vanity in the master bath. I told him that he can't touch the kitchen counters until both the bathrooms are finished! Once the master bath is finished, we'll start tearing out the vanity, toilet and flooring in the hall bath.

As for our trip, we still have no idea where we want to go. I hope we figure it out soon; I need the break!

~ Sarah

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