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Week 26
~ Are you sure you're not having two?

I may scream if another person asks me if I'm having two babies. I have only gained around 10 pounds, yet I apparently look as big as I feel. If I have to tell one more person that I'm sure there is only one bun in the oven, it may get nasty. On a positive note, the shower is now usable in the master bathroom and the counter and sink is in progress. I had my first shower in the newly renovated bathroom and I have to say, it was AMAZING!!

I've been sort of slack this past week about doing anything around the house. I've just felt the need to rest and try to relax. My sleep at night has been off and on, nature's way of getting me prepared for the baby I guess. I now sleep with a body pillow between my legs, a pillow under my head and a pillow behind my back. My husband is sick of all the pillows in the bed!

This week has also brought back some morning sickness and heartburn. I had hoped to never see either of these things again! Even more embarrassing is that during one particularly bad episode of morning sickness, I was throwing up so hard that I peed in my pants. Thank God I was at home! I was so upset I was in tears. My husband was so supportive and calming. He then washed my clothes and got me a glass of ice water. Then he curled up in the bed with me to cuddle.

Apart from being sick, not sleeping, and having to assure everyone that I'm only carrying one baby, the week wasn't so bad. As uncomfortable as pregnancy can get, I'm still enjoying it!

~ Sarah

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