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Week 34
~ Changes

This week has been another adventurous journey, though we didnít go as far as Richmond. After my 34 week check up, we went used car hunting.

First of all, my checkup went well. Jamie went with me to this appointment and was excited to hear Michaelís heartbeat. It was at 134. My blood pressure was great at 110/70 and Iíve gained a total of 20 pounds this pregnancy. My uterus measured perfect and Michael is now head down. I couldnít ask for better than that! I was so worried that I would have problems with my pregnancy because of all the problems my mom had with my brother and I. Bar the heartburn, morning sickness, Braxton-Hicks contractions and other normal pregnancy occurrences, everything has been going pretty smooth.

The second major event of the week was searching for a new car. Well, a used car, but new to us car. The first place we stopped at is where we ended up finding the car we wanted, though we did go to a couple of other dealerships to compare prices and inventory. It was a very long afternoon, to say the least.

Our mechanic is going to look at the car today to see if he can spot anything wrong with it, and barring no problems, weíll have a new car! While we still have quite a few things to do before Michael arrives, obtaining a car would take a lot off our shoulders. Iím so excited I can barely stand it!

My goal for the next couple of weeks is to get everything in order for the nursery and the house. Right now it is a mountain that I have no wish to climb, but it must be done.

Until next week . . .

~ Sarah

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