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Sarah's Pregnancy Journal

Week 38
~ Ready and Waiting

The doctorís appointment went well this week. Iíve been lucky so far with everything looking so good. My blood pressure is 108/70 and Iíve gained a total of 25 pounds. Michaelís heartbeat is at 134 and my uterus is measuring perfectly. She did an exam and said that my cervix was softening but I was only dilated a fingertip. I guess it is better than nothing. I have to say that being this far along in my pregnancy is really uncomfortable (putting it very, very mildly).

Iíve been keeping up with the housework so that everything will be ďperfectĒ when we arrive home with Michael. The dishes and laundry are caught up, and Iíve never used a vacuum cleaner this much in my life! For the most part we are eating out every night, though my sister-in-law has cooked for us also. She has offered to cook for us every night until Michael gets here. Jamieís brother could not have married a more caring and loving person.

Their son Adam is now 5 months old. He is getting so big! Weíre all extremely happy that they will be close in age so that they will always have someone to play with. When I make it through Michael (it feels like Iíve been pregnant forever), we want to try for girls the next go around. Though, with our luck, weíll just get more boys! Right now Iím just concentrating on getting through this first pregnancy.

At times Iím terrified that Iím going to be responsible for another life that will be solely dependent on me . . . and of course Jamie. This being our first child, we understand that the lifestyle change will be dramatic. Our lives will cease to revolve around ourselves, friends, etc. Its center will now be a precious bundle of joy that will transform our lives forever. Yep, scaring myself silly with revelations like that!

Still impatiently waiting . . .

~ Sarah

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