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Week 39
~ How Big???

Everything was normal during my doctor's appointment this week, except for one minor detail. I've gained a total of 27 pounds, which is completely normal. My blood pressure was 121/76, still normal. My uterus measured at 40 weeks, and as I'm due tomorrow, Saturday April 24th, I'm still normal. Michael's heartbeat was 131 and strong. My doctor was feeling his size and position and he is head down, but she thought he was pretty big.

She worked in an ultrasound and found that Michael is already around 9 pounds! She stripped my membranes in hopes that I will go into labor this weekend. If I don't, I'm scheduled to be induced Wednesday morning. I'll go in Tuesday night to prepare for it. She didn't want to wait any longer than that because I would have to have a c-section due to his size. I was a little more dilated than last time and have been having more and more of the Braxton-Hicks contractions.

Jamie had to work last night so my mom spent the night with me, just in case anything might have happened. The house is still in good shape and she helped me with the laundry. Today will be my last day at work and I'm so grateful for that. It's been hard to concentrate on work with the baby coming anyway. I've also gotten to the point where it is hard for me to fit behind the steering wheel. Short legs and a big belly don't work together very well!

The next time I write will be to share my birth story! How exciting is that!?!

~ Sarah

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