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Week 6
~ I'm Pregnant!!

Well, so much for waiting a week to call the doctor! I had my confirmation appointment in the middle of my sixth week. It was all pretty basic. I had a pap smear done and scrapes for all kinds of STD tests. Apparently in my state, it is state law that if you are pregnant, you have to get tested for STDs. I also gave five vials of blood for more of these tests.

It was interesting to learn that my cervix is blue - meaning I'm definitely pregnant - it's normally pink. My husband bore the whole process fairly well, even if he was quieter than normal and a bit overwhelmed - though you'd never hear it from his lips. The morning sickness has kicked in and the heartburn is terrible. I know that if I have heartburn, I'll be headed to the bathroom soon.

Amazingly, while I couldn't hold chicken noodle soup down for lunch, Mexican food for dinner was the perfect remedy! How on earth the baby wanted Mexican food instead of comforting chicken noodle soup is beyond me. We have an appointment next week to meet with the nurse to talk about family medical histories - something I'm not really looking forward to.

I'm sooooo excited that I'm finally pregnant - I'm even enjoying the morning sickness - but only to a small degree! It will be even better when I pass the 12 week mark--then I'll be able to relax more!

~ Sarah

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