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Birth Story
~ Welcome Gwendolyn Kaylee

baby GwenGwendolyn Kaylee was born on Wednesday, December 28th by c-section. She weighed 8 pounds 15 ounces and was 21 inches long and was absolutely perfect!

It has taken me awhile to finally sit down and write this in a cheerful way, as Gwen has been colicky and I have had the post-baby blues pretty bad. However, it now seems that both of these things have improved tremendously! !

When I went in for the scheduled c-section, I thought I was ready for it since I had a c-section with my son Michael. With Michael I had been in labor for over 24 hours before I had the c-section and wasn't conscious for most of the surgery, so I was a little vague on the whole process. !

With Gwen, I was awake the whole time and could feel pulling and pressure. She came out looking absolutely beautiful! I watched Jamie as he held her for the first time and tears still come to my eyes when I remember that moment. !

I tried breastfeeding, but this time I knew my milk would probably come in late like it had with our son, so we were prepared. Gwen got a few supplemental feedings of formula, but by the second day we were home she was off the formula and I was pumping enough to feed her. I am now pumping between 40 and 45 ounces a day! I have found that Gwen doesn't like for me to eat things with red sauce or drink any kind of soda, so it is going to be a long year! !

Michael has been a little jealous of Gwen, but loves to help us with her. He'll bring us her blanket and pacifier for us to give to her. He is such a big helper! !

The first 6 weeks are a daze to me, with little sleep and Jamie still new to his job. His shifts are 12 hours long and it really sucks when he isn't here to help with the kids. I just started back to work full-time and my sister-in-law Amy is now keeping the kids, along with hers. Her son Adam is five months older than Michael, who will be two at the end of April. Her younger son Luke is only 2 months older than Gwen. She has got her hands full! !

There are still nights with lack of sleep, but the adult interaction at work has been helpful to my frame of mind. Gwen has gotten a lot better with crying all the time, but some nights are still kind of rough. There were many nights where I would just cry right along with her! !

Things have finally started to settle down some and Gwen has started giving me smiles! Michael seems to be adjusting to having a baby sister, but there are days when he wants to be the sole center of our attention. For now we are content with the two kids we have and are NOT planning on any more at the moment! The saying that one is like none and two are like ten comes to mind when I think about more kids. Right now the two we have are handful enough! I can finally smile and enjoy being with my babies and things are looking great! !

With love,
~ Sarah

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