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Entry 1 ~ February 21, 2011
~ The Start of a Journey

I have had quite a few people tell me over the past couple weeks that I'm crazy for trying to have another baby so soon. The favorite quote I keep hearing is "One is like none and two is like ten!" Jamie and I sat down and talked about it and decided that regardless of everyone who thinks we're crazy, we're going to try again!

In order to do this I had to stop breastfeeding. The entire time I was breastfeeding, not once did I get my period. I had actually forgotten what it felt like to get my period! It's amazing how quickly the feeling comes back to you . . .

I just stopped breastfeeding three weeks ago and after the painful process of stopping, I did finally get my period! (It turns out that I may have been a cow in a past life as I could easily pump 45 ounces of milk a day! That is why it took a while and was painful to stop.) Yes - I am excited about it. How many other women that you know have ever said they were excited to get their period!?!

My period just ended and I've decided to do the ovulation tests so that we can make sure that I am ovulating, which was my problem with getting pregnant last time. Hopefully all will go well.

Wish us luck!
~ Sarah

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