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Week 12
~ Never Boring

My life is never boring. I guess that is what keeps me moving. My step-sister finally had her little girl this past week and is now at home recovering nicely. Ashlynn Michelle is her name. I'm jealous, I want a girl! I'll be happy with either, and honestly, I'm not sure what I would do with a girl now that I've had a boy . . . but I bet I could figure it out!!

I haven't had any morning sickness for the past two weeks and it has been great. I do still have to eat every couple of hours or my blood sugar gets low and I feel nauseated and like I'm about to pass out. Other than that, it has been amazing! It's crazy how some aspects of this pregnancy are different than my last one.

Heartburn has come back some this week, but it really hasn't been that bad. Nothing a couple of Tums can't fix! Michael is 14 months old now and so much fun. He loves it outside and bangs on the door and screams to go out and play! What more could you want out of a kid. I hope it stays that way for awhile and he doesn't develop a video game habit like his daddy.

My sister-in-law Amy, who is two months ahead of me pregnancy wise, just found out that she has gestational diabetes with this baby too. She had it with Adam so the doctors knew she was going to be at a high risk for it this time. They went ahead and put her on insulin shots like they did last time, since changing her diet doesn't seem to help very much. I think they've settled on the name Luke for the baby. They are more indecisive on the middle name though. They are thinking about James or Joshua.

If we have a boy we are torn between the names Declan and Malcom, but have no ideas for middle names. If it's a girl we will name her Gwendolyn Kaylee. Only another 6-8 weeks until we can find out! It seems like forever away, yet my pregnancy seems to have flown by so far!

Writing a journal at times has been a hassle and at others it has been therapeutic. The reason I keep doing it is because I love to look back at them and seem what happened before that I just can't remember. It has been so helpful for me to look back at my journal entries from Michael and compare them to this baby's entries.

Until next week,
~ Sarah

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