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Week 15
~ Movement!

This week has been an exciting one in terms of baby development! I felt the first kicks of my little one and boy is he/she strong. I was very surprised to feel a decent kick this early on! The kicks have brought along the backaches with them.

I also had my monthly doctor's appointment and everything was good! My blood pressure is great, I've gained a total of 8 pounds, and the baby's heartbeat is 158! I'm really starting to show that I am pregnant now and not just fat!

Sleep has also started to come a little easier. I'm not tossing and turning nearly as much and I'm actually staying asleep and not peeing every two hours. I know it will only last through this second trimester . . . but man am I so excited to be sleeping! That is one aspect I am not looking forward to when the baby finally arrives . . . NO SLEEP!

I'm getting really impatient to see whether I'm having a boy or girl. Everyone at work keeps saying she and thinking pink for me since I already have a little boy. We go on August 11th to finally find out. I will be 20 weeks then. These four weeks are going to be the longest of my entire pregnancy!

Until next week,
~ Sarah

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