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Week 19
~ It's a . . .

Let me start off by saying that it took the Ultrasound Tech about 30 minutes to get Gwendolyn to turn so we could see that she was a GIRL!!! I was poked and prodded and as mad as she would get, she wanted to keep her legs curled up under her with her face down in the placenta. Finally, after what seemed like hours, she turned just right so we could catch a peek and know for certain that our little peanut is in fact a little girl.

We decided on the name Gwendolyn Kaylee while I was pregnant the first time, and stuck with it this second time around. Our only fear is that some people will call her Gwennie - which we absolutely hate. Given that her name is so long, we figure that we will call her Gwen instead of Gwendolyn, but we really don't want Gwennie to become her nickname.

For Michael's room we did a Justice League theme since my husband is a huge comic book nerd. The one thing he is not excited about is decorating a girl's room. He wants to stick with a comic book theme and do women superheroes/villains. I want it to be a little more girly than that . . . but still not all pink and frilly. Jamie got to choose Michael's room, so I'm going to choose Gwendolyn's. I've almost settled on an Irish theme, but I'm not 100% certain yet.

I'm super excited to have a little girl, but scared because I have no idea what to do with a little girl. I'm used to having a little boy and now I'm worried because I don't know to fix hair or pick out girl clothes. As Michael was a crash course in parenting, I'm sure everything will fall into place as we've had some practice with a baby all ready.

Until next week,
~ Sarah

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