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Week 21
~ Movement

It's been nice having a break from vacation, as sad as that seems. Michael has been doing a little better as he has had four teeth break through in the past week. It has meant some rough sleep for him and us. I have enjoyed getting back into a normal routine, although it won't last for long. We are going up to Richmond, VA for Labor Day weekend and taking Michael with us. It will be the longest car trip we have taken him on.

Gwendolyn has been learning to dance. I'm positive she is going to come out clogging! Michael moved a good deal when I was pregnant with him, and it seems she is going to keep up the tradition. Her favorite time to move is when I lay down to go to bed. I've developed a routine of bringing a book to bed because it will be at least an hour before she has calmed down enough to let me sleep!

We really need to get started on Gwendolyn's room, but first I want to make it through the Labor Day weekend. I know I need to get the room cleaned out before the end of October since that is when we are going to try to move Michael over to a twin bed. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make this an easy transition PLEASE let me know! He will 18 months then, and Gwendolyn is due at the end of December, making him 20 months when she is born. We will move the crib to her room when we put the twin bed in Michael's and to do that - her room will need to be clean!

Until next week,
~ Sarah

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