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Week 22
~ Preparing for Vacation . . . Again

I woke up one day this week and got in the shower, just like any other day. However, unlike the other mornings, I had the compulsion to clean the bathroom once I was out of the shower. I scrubbed the tub with Greased Lightning, swept, took out the trash and wiped everything down. I was just sick and tired of the bathroom being dirty. Now if I can take that approach to the rest of the house we would be in business!

I'm trying to get everything in order for our mini vacation - hopefully to be the last before Gwendolyn gets here. We are definitely going to have our work cut out for us getting her room in order. Right now I'm focused on getting the laundry done and dishes washed before we leave - which in all honesty is probably not going to happen, but hey, I can at least dream, right?

~ Sarah

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