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Week 23
~ Vacation

I can actually say this past week felt like a real vacation. Yes, we had to take a 5 hour car trip with a toddler and no, not all of the drive was pleasant, but I do feel rested. We had a great time visiting my old college roommate and hanging out. We took Michael out to the James River and he had a blast playing in the water!

I was surprised at how little my feet swelled on the trip and was relieved to have a good time with no drama. Michael even slept well considering we were at a strange place he had never been before.

My monthly doctor's appointment went well with everything looking good so far. Next time I get to drink the gross stuff to determine if I have gestational diabetes. Not looking forward to that at all! I did get to have another ultrasound done so they could make sure everything was okay with Gwendolyn's heart. At the last one she wouldn't turn the right way for them to see any of her heart. This time she showed her heart but not her face. Not once would she move her head out of my placenta!

~ Sarah

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