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Weeks 25 & 26

Week Twenty-five - Bye-Bye-Binky

During Michael's regular doctor's visit, the doctor confirmed what we already knew - it was time to get rid of the paci. Since Michael turned one year old, the only time he has the paci is when he is in the crib for naps and bedtime. He is now almost 17 months old and we want him off the paci when Gwendolyn comes anyway, so hopefully he won't steal her paci from her.

After talking about it, Jamie and I decided to try the Bye-Bye-Binky Method. This is where you start by poking holes in the end of the paci and then start snipping off the end of the pacifier a little at a time until you child no longer gets any pleasure from the paci and gives it up themselves.

It has been a pretty rough week. On the positive side, Michael isn't mad at us for taking away the pacifier. On the negative side, he is mad at the pacifier for not working properly so he cries and screams at bed time. There hasn't been much sleep - for anyone.

The dishes are still caught up, which is amazing for us. We've started the process of the laundry but it may take awhile. I have no idea where we got all our clothes. There is NO possible way that we wear them all! We're going to have to get stuff ready for a yard sale soon, especially as we haven't even started on getting Gwendolyn's nursery put together. Right now it is still our junk room!

Week Twenty-six - Paci Free and Pelvic Pain

Michael is officially pacifier free! This is something I am super excited about, but he hasn't seemed to get really attached to any other item like a blankie or bear. He has however, developed an obsession with the television show Barney. It puts him in a trance and nothing can break his concentration when he watches it, not even food! If he is crying or fussy and just not happy with life, we can turn Barney on and everything is right with the world. It blows our minds!

Now, for my major complaint of the month - Pelvic Pain. It feels like I've ridden a horse for the first time in my life, all day. The only times it gets bad enough for me to cry are when I get out of the bed in the mornings or have to roll over in the bed at night. Getting out of chairs is torture also, but not to the extent that getting out of the bed has become.

If I'm sitting down or walking around, I'm good. It is the transitional phases in between the sitting and standing that I have come to hate. Jamie has to haul me up off the sofa already, and I've still got three months to go! When I go for my glucose test next two weeks I will definitely have to bring it up to my doctor to see if there is anything I can do. I do not want to take any medicine for it, just see if there are stretches or something I can do to make the pain less.

To top everything off, the house looks like a tornado went through it, I have no clean clothes to wear as of tomorrow, the dishes are getting behind and we haven't touched Gwendolyn's room. I wish there was a magic fairy that would just come make everything better!

Until next week,
~ Sarah

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