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Week 28
The Start of the Final Trimester

This week started off nicely with the dreaded glucose test. It wasn't that bad, just boring to wait an hour after you drink the stuff. I've never had any problems getting it down; it's just the waiting part that seems to drag on forever. I'll find out the results next week as they have to send off the blood samples to get them tested.

On my doctor's recommendation I've started wearing a maternity support band when I have really bad pelvic pain. There's not much you can do about the pain but my doctor said that the support band would lift some of the weight of my stomach off my pelvis and help some. It can't hurt to try!

This week marks the start of my third trimester, and with it comes the doctor's visits every other week. That's when it hit me that I need to get everything together and ready for when Gwendolyn gets here! I've been so tired and Gwen's been keeping me up at night so I haven't been very motivated. I need the nesting urges to kick in!

If everything goes as planned, I'll get to have a yard sale this weekend since my mom is keeping Michael all weekend. She is so excited to get to have him. She has already planned to take him to the apple festival, the park, and the Lazy Five Ranch. He is going to be worn out when he gets home! It will be good to get a little break to get some me time too.

~ Sarah

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