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Week 30
Still Playing the Waiting Game

My husband was laid off from his job a few months ago and has since been trying to find a decent job with benefits. He finally had an interview at a company and they said they would call him back - and they did! He then had to go to the hospital for a drug test and physical. Now we are waiting to hear back from the company to see what is next.

I think I'm more excited than Jamie is to hear back from them! It would just give me a greater peace of mind if he had a good job by the time that Gwendolyn makes her appearance.

Everything has been progressing well so far with the pregnancy, and next week will be another doctor's appointment. I really can't tell if the time is flying by, or dragging by - as weird as that sounds. There is so much left to do in preparation for Gwendolyn that sometimes I feel like it won't all get done. Other times it feels like I've been pregnant forever and everyday that goes by seems to drag me one step closer to the end.
~ Sarah

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