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Week 32

As I have said from the get go, we really need to get Gwendolyn's room ready! We are making some progress though. Her room has been entirely cleaned out and vacuumed so it is ready to go whenever we start to move her furniture in. We still have to get that from my mother-in-law. My dad is making Michael a bat mobile twin bed so when he finishes that we can move the crib into Gwen's room.

We also attacked Michael's room and have it organized and clean so Michael can actually play in there! The hallway in between all the rooms has also been confronted and is now like any normal hallway that you can actually walk through. I guess time is really starting to press in on me and I just want to get things done!

Gwen's been active the whole time, like she wants to be a part of what we are doing at all times. It's nice that she is so active, but sometimes I wish she would sleep a little!

~ Sarah

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