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Week 33
Thanksgiving so Soon?

This week I had another doctor's appointment and everything is looking good - except for the c-section date. It is 2 days before I turn 39 weeks and the hospital doesn't want to do it that early. They want a medical reason to have it that early which would include having to do an amniocentesis and I'm not going to take any risks that aren't necessary.

Instead of December 21st, it looks like it will December 27th. With it being so close to my due date I figure there is a chance I'll go into labor naturally, which I am okay with. I had a rough time with Michael being a week late and induced with two epidurals that didn't work, and then being in labor forever, pushing forever, and having him decide he didn't want to come out. As long as I don't follow that long dark path - I'll be good. This is why I wanted to go straight to c-section.

While I was there, my doctor asked me what kind of plans we had for Thanksgiving, just making small talk. It was like a bag of bricks hit me with the realization that Thanksgiving is next week! How did that happen? Wasn't it just Halloween last week!?

Somehow I lost a month and it's hitting me that we'll have another little mouth to feed in addition to Michael soon. Man, how the time flies - but isn't there supposed to be fun involved somewhere in that statement!?

Until next week,
~ Sarah

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