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Weeks 34-36
~ Changes

I can't believe that I have somehow managed to get three weeks behind in my journal. I apologize to everyone who reads this and have been waiting for updates. I can say that I have been so busy and everything has been happening so quickly that time just got away from me.

The first major thing I have to report is that the c-section has been set for December 28th at 11am. My last day of work will be the 16th, which is this Friday. That will give me a little time to try to get the house clean and in the Christmas spirit before Gwendolyn comes.

Major event number two has been getting Michael to sleep in a twin bed instead of a crib. My dad built him a Batmobile twin bed frame that sits really low to the ground and is so awesome. Michael has had mixed results with sleeping in his big boy bed - ranging from falling asleep right away, to three hours of non-stop putting him back in the bed after he comes out of his room.

The experience is exhausting some of the time but Gwendolyn is going to need the crib when she gets here, so it is a must. He has a couple of more weeks to get used to it, so hopefully it won't be so bad when she gets here. The crib has been moved to her room and the mattress raised so we can't resort to putting Michael in it when we get tired. Gwendolyn's room has really come along and has all the furniture in it now. It just needs to be organized and decorated now.

Now for the final and best MAJOR event - my husband found a job and started today!!! I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are about it! It takes a lot off of our minds since he will have a pay check coming in when I am out on maternity leave. I get some paid leave - but not the whole time. He will also get benefits and quite a bit of time off since he will be working a 12 hour swing shift. Training started this morning and he had to leave the house before I did - which is the first time that has ever happened! He had to be there at 7am. I did get a call from him on a quick break saying that it was going well and he'd call again later. He sounded really happy!

Today was the first day I dropped Michael off at my sister-in-law Amy's house for her to watch him. It's not really out of the way in the mornings for me to drop him off on my way to work and he LOVES going to her house so he can play with his cousin Adam. Adam just turned 2 years old this past month and Michael is 19 months old now. They get along really well and keep each other occupied. Amy has a new baby, Luke, who is almost 2 months old now, and became a stay-at-home mom when he was born.

It makes me feel good knowing that family is watching Michael instead of a daycare. Amy is amazing with kids and does art projects with them, goes to park and library and is just an amazing person to have watch Michael. When I have to go back to work, she will also watch Gwendolyn, but that is a couple of months down the road.

With all that has been going on I completely forgot about my baby shower at work. I got so many cute clothes that Gwendolyn will be clothed for the next six months!

I didn't realize exactly how much had happened in the past three weeks until I started typing and trying to remember. It's hard enough to remember what I had for breakfast at this stage of the pregnancy brain! Throw in Black Friday shopping, Christmas shopping, and a couple of family get-togethers in the middle of all the major events and you have one very tired, busy, sleep-deprived pregnant mama who couldn't be any happier at the way life is going right now!

Until next week,
~ Sarah

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