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Weeks 5/6
~ Doctor Confirmation

The doctor has confirmed . . . we are pregnant! Just hearing the doctor say the words makes it more real.

Already I have had a couple bouts of morning sickness. I mean really, at 5 weeks . . . come on little peanut! Since I'm having similar symptoms to my last pregnancy, I think I may be carrying a boy. Last time I had heartburn and morning sickness early on . . . and this pregnancy has progressed the same. I do want a little girl though.

My sister-in-law has hardly had any symptoms. The only noticeable difference for her has been her appetite. At thirteen weeks her baby bump has started to show! It is so cute and I am jealous!

I'm going to have to invest in some summer pregnancy clothes pretty soon. With my last pregnancy I conceived in the fall, carried through the winter and birthed in the spring. All-in-all a pretty good pregnancy as far as temperatures were concerned. This time I may have a harder rode to travel with having to carry through the summer. I guess it isn't too bad as I will deliver in December, which should be quite cool.

We went and had our first ultrasound done and based on size, the due date is December 30th. I'm hoping we have our little peanut before the end of the year! Everything looked good and the heartbeat is at 110 bpm. The ultrasound tech said it must have just started beating! It is incredible to me that something that small can already have a heartbeat!

Until next week,
~ Sarah

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