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Week 9
~ Need a Break from the Weekend!

I skipped my normal Saturday morning yard sales in favor of a little extra shut eye! Then I packed up Michael and headed to a friend's baby shower . . . where I spent most of my time in the bathroom with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Exactly what I didn't need on such a busy day! Before leaving I told her I would come back later in the week so I could see all her presents and how the nursery is set up!

With my stomach still sore Michael and I headed to a 2 year old's birthday party! Even though I wasn't 100%, I still had fun. Michael had a blast! They had small kid swimming pools like you see at Walmart for $10 and Michael could climb in and out of them himself. He splashed and splashed and splashed some more!! I have never seen him have that much fun!

Michael passed out on the way home. He was asleep before we even left the driveway! I did feel better by the end of the day, just worn out. Pregnancy really takes it out of you, especially when you're chasing a toddler around and having stomach problems on top of it.

Sunday was a bit more relaxed with our one outing of the day being to visit my husband at work to bring him lunch. Michael loves seeing his dad at work!

It wasn't a too bad week as far as morning sickness goes, though I haven't been able to stand the sight of meat. This pregnancy seems to be flying by compared to my last one! We haven't even thought about working on the new nursery yet. Right now the spare room is just being used for storage. We're going to have to have a major yard sale soon!

Today is also an exciting day because my sister-in-law finds out if she is having a boy or girl today! She already has two boys so I am thinking pink thoughts for her!

Until next week,
~ Sarah

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