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Sarah's Single Parenting Journal
Sarah and Marshall
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Sarah's parenting journal.

Sarah is 22, from Australia, and single mum to Marshall (born November 14, 2009). Sarah was also diagnosed with postnatal depression and is going through treatment.

Join Sarah as she shares her single parenting trials and her journey through postnatal depression with us.

Entry 12 ~ December 7, 2011
~ Merry Christmas!

Happy Birthday MarshallMerry Christmas everyone!

Well there's only three weeks to go and I've officially finished my Christmas shopping as of last week.

I am also the proud of owner of a two year old. Marshall enjoyed a wonderful second birthday full of cake, lollies and fairy bread and a wading pool full of water as summer decided to start early this year. Turning two also means Marshall got to move up to the "Junior Kindy" room at his daycare and the Toddler room celebrated with a special "going up" ceremony with more cake and balloons.

This year we're spending Christmas day with my aunt who assures me there will be so much food Marshall won't be able to eat for a week (no mean feat I can assure you) and a lot of alcohol. Marshall has already been spoiled with his birthday back in November, but that hasn't stopped Santa stocking up and I hear he's going to deliver two shopping trolley loads of toys and a few clothes; yep I think someone went overboard again this year. I've decided to to get Marshall a quad bike, well not a real one but it makes noise and it's even a Kawasaki. I'm sure it's going to be a well played with toy.

Marshall's birthdayMarshall has been going through endless bouts of colds again due to his second last molar coming through. I'm not sure what we're going to do once he finally gets all of them through, maybe a party to celebrate no more sleepless nights in a hospital due to Marshall's extremely high temperatures during teething. I guess when he finishes I'll have to give the tooth fairy a call and tell her to start saving her spare change because Marshall has a lot of teeth in his mouth.

Marshall's birthdaySummer has also officially started here, although it's been here since November, and we've already had some extremely hot days so with that I'm off to have a nice cool shower, as soon as I can un-stick myself from this chair.

Have a very merry Christmas wherever you are and stay safe over the festive season. Marshall and I hope to see you all again in the new year.

~ Sarah

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