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Entry 1 ~ October 30, 2010
~ October Chaos Strikes!

It's been really hectic in our household lately. First things first, Marshall and I have officially had our last session with our social worker, Helen. We are going to miss her heaps and heaps, and just when Marshall and I were feeling a little sad we weren't going to see her anymore, she sent us the most beautiful letter which included an early Happy Birthday to Marshall.
,br. Speaking of such things it is now only three weeks until Marshall turns one! My oh my how time flies when you're having fun! The invites have been sent (computer generated by his wonderful Gammy), the cake has been picked out from the cake book and the menu for the day has been sorted. I think the biggest surprise is that Marshall's father has managed to talk his boss into letting him come up for a whole 24 hours to be with Marshall on his special day; we all honestly didn't think he would be up until Christmas time but regardless it's still great he can make it, even if it's for one day.

Uh Oh!In amongst all the birthday planning, Marshall is officially teething again. It looks like bottom teeth three and four are coming through making it a grand total of eight teeth for him. So far we've only had one day of pain but he's got what I call his typical teething cold and what a good boy he is sharing it with me! He's also learned a brand new word and it couldn't have been sooner. The new word is Ta and just like typical Marshall he only says it when it suits him; we are however working on this. The mischievous little boy has also managed to figure out how to scale his chest of drawers to get at his nappy cream; this isn't the first time Marshall has covered himself in it and I'm thinking it won't be the last. Luckily we know some very clever people who fixed the drawers right up and put the handles on the inside.

Marshall and I also had a special visitor in the form of my step-brother Dylan. Marshall has only met him twice now and with all new people was rather hesitant of him. He even cried when Dylan looked at him which was really cute and funny at the same time. We can't wait for Dylan to come back up this way again so he can get to know his nephew a little better.

In other news I have officially been allowed to decrease my medication by 5mg so I'm now taking 10mg of my anti-depressants. So far so good but my doctor has warned me that it will take four weeks to fully settle and I'm hoping that in four months time I can decrease again, but we'll see how it all goes. Unfortunately my test results came back negative for anything in regards to my ill-health. My doctor now believes that it may be a combination of my fluctuating iron levels and the mixture of medication I take to go with it. Hopefully in the next few months it will sort itself out and I can stop taking the supplements.

That's it from Marshall and me . . . hoping you all have a very happy Halloween!

~ Sarah

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