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Entry 10 ~ September 6, 2011
~ Another Busy Month

Happy September everyone!

Once again we're a little bit late because we've had a bit of a busy month . . . again!

To start things off Marshie would like to announce that he's now officially big enough to toilet train! We're only a week in and so far we've managed two wees, a poo and a handful of accidents on the floor. All in all I think Marshall is off to a flying start and he loves being able to flush the toilet just like a "big boy".

We've also been once again struck down with school sores. Not sure what it is with Marshall but whenever he gets a sore on his face you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be making a doctor's visit for antibiotics in a week's time. This time around it's meant that my dear toddler has had to spend a whole week (including weekend) at home with me. Not exactly what either of us had planned for, especially me as I'm now currently looking for wok. Needless to say the time out chair has been well used and all the sores have now cleared.

I am also now on my second last appointment with my psychologist and I am really looking forward to my last session in November. Although I think I'll shed a tear as she has done so much for me. She is also coaching me through yet another family law matter thanks to Marshall's father wanting to no longer have any contact with his son. It's a little sad and I don't feel this is right but there is unfortunately nothing I can do. I am hoping that later on when Marshall is older enough to understand that his father tells him the whole truth and not just what he thinks Marshall wants to hear.

That's us for another month, we'll try to be on time for the next one I promise!

~ Sarah

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