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Entry 11 ~ October 19, 2011
~ Almost Two

MarshallHappy October everyone!

Only 9 more weeks until Christmas and 4 more weeks until Marshall's second birthday!

Yes that's right, he's almost two, and with the "almost two" status has come the inevitable tantrums and whingeing. The whingeing has been relentless here and I'm hoping that with a few more sessions on the already well worn 'time-out chair' our whingeing days will be behind us. Being almost two has also sparked Marshall's speech finally. He's now able to say so many more new words that I am unable to count just how many he can now say and this list is increasing almost hourly. On top of his ever expanding vocabulary is his ability to form sentences; at the moment he's averaging three to four worded sentences with his favourite being "I did it".

The weather has finally heated up in Townsville and we are now only a few weeks away from the official start of our cyclone and wet seasons, although looking at the weather for the past week it appears our wet season has already started. Our storm preparation has also officially begun with me finally purchasing a proper first aid kit and a gas camp stove, just in case we get another monster cyclone this year. We have also finally been able to make use of the hot weather and go swimming, something Marshall has been dying to do since April.

MarshallI am now also officially a working mum, finally! I've managed to find the perfect job that has me working 4 and a half hours a day Monday to Friday. Most days Marshall and I are home by 5 o'clock which gives us plenty of time to play before Marshall's bed time. I have find it difficult in working out how to fit in my housework around work and spending time with Marshall but I guess a clean house is not a home for a toddler, well not a pristine house at any rate.

I have also officially wrapped up my sessions with my psychologist this month but she has assured me that I can still call anytime should I need her help. While most people believe that on the outside I have more than completely come out of the long dark tunnel that is post-natal depression, I know that on the inside that I'm not quite there yet but all the work now lies with me and I am more than ready to be out in the sun again. My next challenge will be losing the last 10kg and I'm hoping to do this by Christmas, although by the end of January will be great.

That's all from Marshall and I this month, I'm off to do the mountain of laundry that's piled up from this week.

~ Sarah


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