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Entry 2 ~ November 15, 2010
~ Happy Birthday to You!

birthday boyHi Everyone!

Marshall and I have had a busy month as is normal with us. First to kick off our crazy month of November was my step-nephew's first birthday; Marshall and I attended and we had a ball. (Well more Marshall then me) Fast forward ten days and it was Marshall's turn. Marshall woke bright and early at 6AM and was delighted as I walked into the room singing Happy Birthday. He then had a quick bottle and change and he opened my present, which was a bracelet with his name engraved on it; unfortunately he managed to break it within the first couple of hours. Oh well it is fixable.

birthday bikeWe then popped over next door to see my Dad and step-mum and they surprised us both with a bike, but not just any bike, a bike with a handle so I can push it along when Marshall and I go for our afternoon walk. Marshall then pigged out on pancakes and hash browns as well as juice, then it was off to his Nanny and Poppy's place to see his daddy who came up from Sydney especially for the big day. While he was spending time with his father I started baking a cake and attempted to decorate it; oh dear what a disaster! Now I'm a terrific baker, but I am no cake decorator. The icing, which was vienna cream, went horribly wrong. You see, being a really hot day I thought it would be a bright idea to pop the air conditioner on to cool the place down. Apparently vienna cream doesn't like to be cold and it separated; luckily there were chocolate fingers to adorn the sides and chocolate honeycomb clusters as well as dinosaurs to go on top so nobody really noticed.

cake2PM rolled around and Marshall came home ready for his big party with all the family. Everyone had a blast and he got lots of clothes, books, two telephones and a table and chair set. The cake was cut and Marshall got his very first taste of cake, which he loved and proceeded to spread the icing and a few crumbs all over the floor but not to worry . . . we have a fully tiled apartment.

birthday boyUnfortunately being one also means it's time to go to the growth and development clinic and to get needles. I'm proud to say Marshall now weighs a very heavy 11.35Kg (25.02 lbs) and is a very long 79cm (31.10 inches). After three needles, some juice and a few tears later, Marshall was back to his old self. I think the only good part of it all for Marshall was my friend was there with her daughter (who also turned one on the same day as Marshall) which gave the two time to play together.

All in all the past twelve months with all its ups and downs has gone incredibly fast. Everything from falling pregnant with Marshall right up to having him and now we are up to my second last psychologist's appointment, something I am both nervous and excited about. And so once again Marshall and I have stepped into the unknown world of toddlers, a stage I am told is both rewarding and stressful at the same time.

Stay tuned for Christmas; only five more weeks to go, are you ready yet?

~ Sarah

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