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Entry 3 ~ December 21, 2010
~ Is it that Time Already?

Marshall kissing mommyHi everyone,

Can you believe that it's the end of the year already!? Seems like yesterday was the start of 2010 and now it's all over with.

This month has been a super busy month for Marshall and I. December first marked the day the Christmas tree goes up. This year I opted for some lights and plastic baubles and a star on top as I had the feeling Marshall would spread tinsel from A to B. Marshall is now fully walking everywhere and has taken a liking to the neighbour's cat. Personally I hate cats and there's no way he'll ever convince me to get one.

Marshall on the coffee tableNot only is Marshall walking he's climbing and boy oh boy have we had some fun with that. First he was climbing up on the couch and changing the channel on the TV which is bearable but after an hour of doing that he realised that climbing up on the coffee table was so much more fun. We've also been doing loads of swimming as the weather here has been so hot. So far I've managed to get Marshall to hold his breath on the count of three which is a pretty good start.

This year I was organised early with my Christmas presents and decided that Marshall and I would get some photos taken to give to everyone. They turned out amazing and Marshall, although a little hesitant at first, soon loved being in the limelight, so much so it was difficult to get a nice photo of us together but in the end we did get a lovely shot of him giving me a kiss!

Swimming with MummyMarshall's father is up this year for Christmas and Marshall has been spending a whole week with him so I've been doing all these little household chores that I don't normally get to, like cleaning the fridge, which looked more like a science experiment towards the back. This year for Christmas Marshall and I are having breakfast with my Dad, Step-Mum, my two younger sisters, three older step-brothers, my step-sister-in-law and my step nephew. Then we're off to lunch with my mum, two younger sisters and my younger step-brother. Marshall will be leaving us to have dinner with his father and his family while I sit in the pool.

That's all from Marshall and I for the year; Merry Christmas and we hope to see you in 2011!

~ Sarah

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