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Entry 4 ~ January 29, 2011
~ Happy 2011!

Batman!We've been really busy this month again. Currently I am in the middle of cyclone prep which is pretty much the same as a hurricane. We currently have two lurking near us. The first one is just a little baby that I'm not really worried about. However the one behind it is expected to be a monster. Lucky for Marshall and I, we are on the ground floor so we don't have to worry about our roof being ripped off but I am just a little worried about flooding as I am not sure how bad the area I live in floods. I guess we're just going to have to sit tight.

Marshall is now running! which is a scary thought as he is really hard to catch up to now. He's also eating me out of house and home and I've had to adjust our food budget to make sure he's getting enough. Marshall is also set to get a big surprise in August. His dad may be comming home from Sydney permanently as his bosses are considering whether or not his unit is actually needed on a naval ship. This is going to be really good as Marshall is driving me insane with his da da da babble.

MarshallLast week Marshall and I decided to treat ourselves with a day at the beach. Marshall loves anything to do with being outdoors and had heaps of fun chasing after pigeons and eating fish and chips and having his first try of coconut gelato. We've also been in and out of the city centre a lot this month as I've had lots of doctors' appointments. My latest visit was to get a second opinion of the sores up my arms and in my mouth. Turns out they weren't shingles brought on by stress but school sores! So now I am taking even more medication which I'm not very happy about as I was set to decrease my anti-depressants and hopefully completely come off my iron supplements. Ohh well these things can't be helped I guess.

Well I better get back to cleaning up our yard. Please keep us in your prayers as I'm not sure what's going to happen in the next 24-48 hours!

~ Sarah

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