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Entry 5 ~ February 14, 2011
~ We Survived!

Ducks in the PoolHi everyone!

Last time I wrote I was busy preparing for a huge cyclone that was coming our way. Well I'm glad to announce that Marshall and I are all OK and we suffered no injuries and we still had a home to come back to. Unfortunately though we lost all our food in our fridge and freezer as we had no power for five days and we had to be evacuated to my mum's place prior to the cyclone because of the impending storm surge.

Lucky for us we didn't get the full force of the cyclone. The eye passed over 300km north of us but with a cyclone that was 500km across we got devastating 135kmph winds which is absolutely terrifying to not only look at but to listen to as well. Fortunately my mother didn't have any damage either, just the tree at the front of her house had fallen and blocked off the street. Post cyclone clean up is still happening and my mother has informed me that ducks are living in her pool. This is the first cyclone Marshall has lived through and I'm proud to say he slept through the whole thing. I'm still suffering a little psychologically as it was the biggest storm I've ever been through and I'm hoping it's not a sign of things to come.

Tree is goneApart from the cyclone my search for a daycare vacancy continues. Who knew it was so hard to put a toddler in for just one day? Luckily I haven't found a place just yet as Marshall and I have both come down with Tonsillitis. This is Marshall's second bout in a month and the doctor has said that should he get it a third time within three to four weeks of finishing antibiotics we will have to be referred to an ears nose and throat specialist and surgery may be in the cards. Thank goodness I decided to get private health insurance as the care in the private hospital is a lot better compared to our public hospital. Not to mention waiting times for surgery is shorter too. I'm really hoping my poor little man doesn't need them removed.

Cyclone YasiThis weekend I was fortunate enough to be hired to do some plus size lingerie modeling! It was a huge confidence boost and I had an absolute ball doing it. I met some really nice girls (both plus size and skinny minis) and was surprised that they were all in stable relationships, some with children and weren't at all what Ii envisioned. I had a few girls from the crowd tell me how happy they were to see "real size" women up there strutting their stuff and they had said they wish they could see it more often in not only lingerie shows but in clothing catalogues too. It made me feel proud that these girls were praising me for being confident enough to show the world what I've got. It's definitely something I'll be interested in doing again but I don't think I'll be putting my resume in to be a Victoria's Secrets Angel just yet. After all I'm not that happy with my body just yet.

That's all from us. I better go off and chase my little toddler around the house on his new toddle bike!

~ Sarah

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