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Entry 6 ~ March 14, 2011
~ My Little Boy Is Now a Big Sick Boy

MarshallHi everyone!

It's that time of month again to let everyone know what is happening . . .

First of all I have some really bad news. Marshall is currently suffering from his third round of tonsillitis in two and a half months and the doctor thinks it's strep so I've now been given a referral to an Ears Nose and Throat specialist and the likelihood of his tonsils being removed is quite high. While we were getting the tonsils looked at, the doctor suggested we get the adenoids looked at too as Marshall gets his nickname Miggy Piggy because he snorts a lot. I wasn't planning on having the adenoids possibly removed until he was a little older but the doctor has assured me that it's best to get it done with the tonsils. Lucky my aunt is a child anaesthetist and has told me it's common practise to allow the parent to hold the toddler until they're asleep. So my vision of Marshall alone and screaming while they administer the anaesethetic has been scrapped. To add on top of all of that the rash Marshall has been getting on his groin with the medication is now thought to be a penicillin allergy; the poor little man just can't win at the moment.

Sarah and MarshallOn a more positive note I've stopped taking my anti-depressants and after being incredibly sick for four days and despite the newly acquired insomnia, I'm feeling really good. I have opted to see my psychologist for a few more months until things settle a little bit. Marshall also started kindergarten one day a week and so far so good; he loves it. Apparently he's the easiest toddler they've had in a while and they were surprised not only by his height (he's the youngest but the tallest) but also his large appetite. The only problem they had was sleep. Just as he was going to sleep he suddenly realised he wasn't home despite having lambi and his dummy. I now also have my very first one of a kind rare painting by Marshall displayed on my fridge and I am keen to get some more.

Right now I think I'll attempt to get some sleep. See you all next month!

~ Sarah

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