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Entry 7 ~ April 29, 2011
~ Happy Belated Easter

Hi Everyone!

MarshallIt's that time of month again and as usual Marshall and I have been busy!

Marshall is now in full kindy swing on Fridays and is loving it; we've had a few tears but I've been told he settles easily. I've also known a huge improvement in his speech notably with the word "ta". Marshall is now saying this when he receives something and he expects everyone to say it to him too.

Marshall was also lucky enought to jump on a plane and head south to Brisbane for a week to attend a wedding on his father's side. He looked very cute in his suit and I was told he was well behaved on the plane, both there and back. He enjoyed seeing his cousin Miss Charlie. Marshall also got spoiled for Easter, I did put a chocolate ban on the day so Marshall received gifts, mainly winter clothes as it's been unseasonably cold lately. He also managed to get a scuttlebug, which is a ride on scooter, from his dad and a toddler bed complete with a cars and trucks bed set from me.

Big boy bedWe are currently on night two of sleeping in the "big boy" bed and so far so good. Marshall so far hasn't been the type to get out of the bed and run around and not go to sleep, even though I was full anticipating this. We are also now going to start the great dummy wean in the next few weeks after Marshall gets his 18 month immunisations and then of course we are going to attempt toilet training. I am expecting disasters in both.

Marshall in his suitWe only have another two more weeks before Marshall sees the ears, nose and throat specialist. Hopefully we can find out a date for his surgery as the endless bouts of tonsillitis are really starting to take its toll, despite the fact we have now switched from penicillian.

I now haven't taken medication for 6 weeks and at last I'm feeling good and I'm able to eat decently again. The sleep is still really bad and I'm lucky if I can get a few hours each night. I am going back to my doctor though next week to try and sort my sleeping out and also this endless breakout of pimples I seem to be going through which I think is connected to not taking the anti depressants anymore.

I'm currently watching the royal wedding and had a big fat cry over Prince William and Prince Harry; Diana would of been so proud of them today and they looked stunning. Kate Middelton has just got into the car and what a dress that is! or from what I can see. I guess that's my cue to go.

See you all next month!

~ Sarah

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