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Entry 8 ~ May 28, 2011
~ Where Did Our Hot Weather Go?

Hi Everyone!

It's almost June and generally in our beautiful part of the world, it's usually still fairly warm (we don't bring out the blankets until at least mid June!) but that hasn't happened this year. It's been nothing but freezing . . . well as freezing as Townsville gets which isn't very freezing at all.

I will apologise in advance if this post isn't very coherent. I've just spent the past four hours in the hospital emergency department because Marshall had a febrile convulsion. I didn't know it was a febrile convulsion at all as it wasn't what I would call "text book". At least the paramedics and staff at the hospital were great. They gave Marshall stickers and a Handy Manny toy to play with while we were waiting for him to pee so they could test it. I would hazard a guess and say Marshall's favourite part was the ambulance ride. The paramedics gave him a balloon fashioned into an elephant. I think it helped; we had just watched The Hoobs and they were talking about what being brave meant. Marshall tried his hardest to be very brave but I will admit I was a bit of a mess on the inside.

This all comes one week after Marshall's 18 month needles and health check. I'm pleased to say once again Marshall continues to amaze the health nurses with his height. He's now a very tall 86cm (2'8") and weighs 13.9kg (30.64lbs). They did tell us he would probably drop down to the 50th percentile come his 1st birthday but he hasn't showed any signs of slowing and is happily still sitting on the 90th percentile. I was a little worried with his speech as he doesn't say much but the health nurse told me that because he's a boy and because he's so active I shouldn't start to worry yet. He was also a brave boy with his needles, well needle, no tears and he wanted to get off my lap before the band-aid was applied.

Marshall is well and truly into kindy life. He's still going one day a week, and I am glad to say he no longer cries when I leave. He's gets so excited he wants to get out of his pram before we've even crossed the road. We are hoping that Marshall is all better by Friday. I think he will be devastated if he can't go to kindy.

We have also seen the ear, nose and throat specialist and he had nothing but good news. Marshall won't need surgery! We are going to take a wait and see approach. Hopefully we won't need to go back again.

I have now been off my medication for four months and I'm doing really well. I have my final monthly appointment in June with my psychologist. After this I will go on three monthly visits.

Well that's all from Marshall and me. We hope to see you all next month!

~ Sarah

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