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Entry 9 ~ July 20, 2011
~ We're Late!

boatingHi Everyone,

We're a bit late this month but that's because Marshall and I have had a super busy month (especially Marshall with all that he is learning at the moment).

There is now only four months until Marshall's second birthday! I have no idea what sort of cake or theme we're going to have but I'm guessing I am going to have to make a birthday cake for his kindy this year, and we all know from last year my cake decorating skills are nowhere near the standard that Chef Duff and his crew do on 'Ace of Cakes'. Guess I'm going to have to practice.

Marshall mowingSpeaking of all things kindy Marshall is now an official "Kindy Kid" - that is he now goes every day. He loves his kindy and he's thrilled to be going everyday, even though he has only been attending on a full time basis for two weeks now. So I'm now using all my free time to search for a job, hopefully on a full time basis, harass the world on facebook and twitter and catch up with overseas friends who I never get to speak to anymore, except for the occasional e-mail and trying to avoid housework. One of the biggest reasons I have decided to put my darling son in kindy is because we're both driving each other crazy at home, and I'm getting really bored. Which I have been told is a good sign in my recovery from Post Natal Depression, although I'm told this recovery phase could take another year or so.

Marshall has also had his very first haircut; it was a bittersweet moment for me because I love his curls but unfortunately they were getting a little unruly. The good news is that they are growing back. Marshall wasn't fond of this experience and had to sit on my lap throughout the event and still cried. He has also been on a fishing trip with his nonno and nonna at their fishing hut. He loved being in the boat and loved being in the big yard and they have already planned a second trip for next weekend. This time they're hoping to catch a fish so Marshall can see one up close and also get to eat it.

haircutWe have also had some concerns raised about Marshall's speech, or lack of it, by my occupational therapy student younger sister. I am by no means worried just yet as I was told at his 18 month health check that because of his high-octane nature he wouldn't speak much but should catch up within the next six months or so. Right now Marshall and I are working on animal sounds, so far he knows the sounds that a dog, sheep, cow, pig and train make. As well as the sounds he's now saying mum, bye, nonna, milly (the name of mum's dog), me, car, mine, ta, no, yes and oh no.

That's all from us this month, hopefully next month I'll be able to say I have a job, fingers crossed.

~ Sarah

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