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~ Meet Sarah

Sarah and MarshallHi, my name is Sarah, I'm 22, and I'm the proud mummy of Marshall who is 11 months old. I live in Queensland, Australia, and it's one of the most beautiful places in the world. Marshall's father and I were together but as young love seems to go we didn't last very long with the pressure of being Marshall's parents. I am currently diagnosed with Post Natal Depression and I'm glad to say my condition has stabalised a lot since my initial diagnosis.

Marshall and I spend most of our days at home as I am having a hard time finding a play group that we both fit into. We spend most of our days playing with blocks and cars as well as reading books and trying new foods. Occasionally we catch the bus to go to my various appointments and this has to be one of Marshall's favourite things to do as he is a really sociable little boy.

We also enjoy swimming, and my mother and I are currently teaching Marshall how to swim. Marshall spends every other weekend with his father and his Nanny and Poppy and his Aunty. When he is home with me, we go next door to visit his nonno and nonna (my father and step mother) and every Friday we go to visit my grandparents who live down the road, and Marshall has a great time feeding the birds and playing with his 4 year old cousin.

Most days I find it hard to get up in the morning as my medication tends to knock me around a little. I have currently fallen ill again and have been told my iron levels are low, however after a month of medication, I seem to be getting worse and worse, so back to the doctor tomorrow and we'll see what he has to say.

I absolutely love being a single mother and even though I have been through a lot to have full custody of my little boy, it was all definitely worth it in the end (and I guess the full story would make for an interesting journal later on.) One day I hope to meet my knight, even if his armor isn't so shiny, and have at least another three more children hopefully as mischievous, sociable and loving as my first.

~ Sarah

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