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Shannon's twin pregnancy journal

Shannon Fukuyama and family ~ expecting twins

Shannon Fukuyama gave birth to her twins, Kai and Abi, on August 15, 1998 at 31 weeks. Here is her pregnancy journal, week by week, as Shannon gave us a glimpse into the miracle of her wee cave dwellers and the roller coaster ride of a pregnancy she traversed.

From left to right . . . Emily (7), Graham (5), Shannon, Kaitlyn (10), David (16), Peter, and Alex (9).

Kai and Abi ~ our StorkNet Twins!

Shannon's Journal Entries:

  Meet Shannon!

  Week 1
  A New Cycle Begins

  Week 2
  Getting Away!

  Week 3
  But I Haven't Gotten the Book Yet!

  Week 4
  What do TWO lines mean?

  Week 5
  Ultrasound Nightmares

  Week 6
  Just As It Should Be

  Week 7
  Telling the Kids

  Week 8
  Boiled and Pickled?

  Week 9
  Be Careful What You Wish For

  Week 10
  Reality Check

  Week 11
  Raging Bacteria

  Week 12
  Grasping for Hope

  Week 13
  Where's the Wheelbarrow?

  Week 14
  Constant Roller Coaster

  Week 15
  Ultrasound, Amnios, Answers,
  & Help Pushing the Wheelbarrow

  Week 16
  The Waiting Game . . .

  Week 17
  Amnio Results!

  Week 18
  Mixed Blessings . . .

  Week 19
  Uneventful? What's that?. . .

  Week 20
  The Name Game

  Week 21
  Summer Break! Help!!!!

  Week 22
  Good News/Bad News
  and Pregnant Dreams

  Week 23

  Weeks 24 and 25
  Belly Art!

  Week 26

  Week 27
  Balancing Act

  Week 28
  Subtle Changes?

  Weeks 29 & 30
  My Confinement

  Week 31

  Birth Story

  Birth Announcement

  After Birth
  The NICU Experience

  They're Home!
  Kai and Abi Come
  Home at 5 Weeks

  Update February 28, 1999

  Update July 1, 1999

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