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Shannon's twin pregnancy journal

Week One
~ A New Cycle Begins!

January 17, 1998 ~ The first day of a new cycle, and I was PSYCHED! I drew up a list of things I wanted to do, change and accomplish. Everything on the list was directed at having a baby. Lose a few pounds, take vitamins, and stop smoking AGAIN (I started after the miscarriage in November).

First, I wanted to make sure I was ovulating. I bought an ovulation predictor kit and the directions said to average out my last three cycles, find the corresponding cycle on a chart and begin testing on the day listed. My cycles had shortened over the years from 28 days to anywhere from 21-25 days. My average came up 22, so I began testing on day five. The test was positive, which, according to the directions, meant I would ovulate within the next 24 hours. I was confused. Since I'd just finished my period, there was no time for the endometrium to build back up before an ovum was released. It seemed too early for ovulation. I stuffed the rest of the tests in a drawer, pulled out a phone book and called the only OB/GYN listed that had "infertility" in his ad. Not wanting to "share" with a faceless receptionist, I simply scheduled a check-up. I decided to give up trying to get pregnant until after I'd seen the doctor. It was going to be a LONG wait until my appointment on March 6.

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