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Week Eleven
~ Raging Bacteria

March 30 ~ The doctor's office seems the place to be on Monday mornings. I did my little "cup thing" and left the sample in the lab. A few minutes later, I was taken to an examining room and told that I had a "raging UTI" that was headed for my kidneys. Dr. A. smiled in understanding when I murmured "Thank God." He was upset that I didn't contact him over the weekend. He wanted to put me in the hospital on IV fluids for a few days to help flush the infection out of my system. I balked, reminding him of my five children at home. He agreed to give me oral antibiotics and send me home as long as I promised to drink gallons of water, stay in bed and call him if I didn't feel better. He also told me that I would have the infection throughout the remainder of my pregnancy because I couldn't take anything strong enough to totally eradicate it without possible harm to the babies. Great, one more thing to worry about. This list was becoming longer than I ever thought possible.

April 2 ~ I took a shower after my nap (Nap? All I do is lie around all day!), and there was red-brown blood on the towel when I dried off. I hurried to put on panties and a pad. The pad (an overnighter) was saturated within half an hour. Should I call Dr. A.? Nope, 5:05 and the office is closed. Go to the ER? Peter has to take a client out for dinner and David is out with his friends. I can't take four kids to the ER with me. Back to bed I go. A second pad has only a few spots an hour later. When Peter finally got home around 11 pm, we discussed setting up emergency childcare arrangements. His parents are deceased and mine are nearly 200 miles away. We have no other family members near us. I need to know there is someone available for the kids if I have to leave suddenly, not to mention that Peter travels a lot for business. And what about if/when I go on total bedrest? There are so many things to think about.

The weekend ~ I'm not keeping up with the bulletin boards as I was. The October board (I'm due Oct 17 or 25, depending on how you calculate) moms don't need to hear about all of my complications. Everyone on a multiples board that I found is further along than I am and they're talking about twin strollers and breastfeeding. I'm jealous that they are all experiencing "normal" pregnancies and are SO happy. I want to be happy too! A Bedrest board seems the best place for me to post now. One woman has placenta previa, and we talk about the various colors of our bleeding. Bright red is BAD, meaning fresh bleeding. Darker red, or brownish is better, meaning older blood (just how OLD is old? From 1995 would be nice!). Weird, but at least we can speak honestly, without fear of frightening each other. We talk about the guilt associated with not being able to do what we did before. Housework, care of other children, laundry, cooking . . . it all takes second place to caring for the baby/ies inside. I've always been a firm believer that pregnancy is not an illness. Maybe that's why it's so difficult to adjust. After all, I'm ONLY pregnant, for God's sake! I wish I were 20 years old and naïve, just do as the doctor tells me and take my healthy baby home in nine months. I know so much more than I did the first time around. Hell, I know so much more than I did just a few weeks ago. Sometimes a whole lot more than I want to know.

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