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Week Fourteen
~ Constant Roller Coaster

April 20 ~ This week has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. I ended last week on the downside with another trip to the ER. A severe headache, nosebleed that would not stop and a blood pressure of 148/106 made for an interesting evening. On the upside, Peter and I heard the babies' heartbeats for the first time! The ER nurse found "baby A" and thought it was enough to listen to one. She's pregnant, so I pointedly stared at her belly and asked, "What would you do if you had more than one in there and someone said it was enough to listen to only one of them?" Of course, she then started looking for "baby B" and I was able to point out the exact location . . . the "flutters" really are my babies! My blood pressure was down, the doctor gave me an injection of morphine for the headache and diagnosed me with bronchitis. I was placed on antibiotics for the second time in less than a month. The doctor also instructed me NOT to monitor my blood pressure at home because I "don't need the stress" . . . hmmm, I could have a stroke in the four weeks between appointments. On the upside, I've had no vaginal bleeding since April 17th. Not even a spot, YAY!

Monday morning, I was back in the doctor's office for my regular appointment. What I was hoping to be a major upper, turned out to be a serious downer. First, the nurse insisted I'd gained ten pounds in four weeks. I had to point out that she misread the scale (it was only five pounds). Dr. A. didn't do a urinalysis to see if my infection had cleared up. He didn't check my lungs to see if the antibiotics were fighting my bronchitis. I tried to discuss amniocentesis but he just brought up the MAFP test, which I refused. He then told me he wouldn't consider doing amniocentesis unless the MAFP test results indicated further testing be done. I asked him about delivering at a hospital with a NICU and his response was "What for? Having twins is no big deal." Finally, when he decided to listen to the babies' heartbeats, he ignored me when I tried to direct him. He searched my belly and ended up listening to MY heartbeat! I made my "standard four week appointment," knowing I would not return to see him. When I got home, I called my mom and told her, "I might as well kill my babies now, if I am to continue seeing that doctor!"

Tuesday morning found me on the phone with the physician referral service of the hospital in Dayton. The woman who answered my call was extremely helpful. She asked many questions and even called my insurance company to inquire about the ramifications of my switching doctors. I was excited when she called me back with information about my new high-risk specialist (Dr. T., if I found him acceptable), including the time of my first appointment. Friday, April 24. THIS Friday! I couldn't believe I would see him so soon.

April 24 ~ I was SO glad when Peter insisted on going with me to the first appointment. Even though he's been to the ER with me each time, he's never been to a regular appointment. Plus, the doctor's office is in a building that is part of the hospital where I will deliver. Peter knows this area better than I do, so I didn't have to worry about getting lost during the 40-mile drive. The two hours I spent with Dr. T. were so much different than all of the time I had spent with my previous doctor. He asked more questions, was more interested in my answers and even brought up things I'd never thought about (I didn't think there WAS anything left that I hadn't thought about!).Peter and I were very comfortable from the first moment we arrived. Although there are four doctors in the practice, Dr. T. will be my doctor. I will only see the others once or twice to become familiar with them in case Dr. T. is unavailable at any time. There's also a Nurse Practitioner and she spent a lot of time with us before we met the doctor. She gave us her card and told us to call anytime with any routine questions we might have. I feel very good about her as well.

I left Dr. T's office with an appointment with a perinatologist on April 29 for a level II ultrasound. If the conditions look good (the two layers of fetal membranes have fused into one), I will have the amnio at the same time! In any case, I also have another appointment with Dr. T on April 30 to go over the results of the ultrasound. Yippee-skippee, let's get this show on the road!!!

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