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Week Twenty
~ The Name Game

June 1 ~ Look Mom . . . no bleeding, no kidney infection, no bronchitis, no pneumonia! I finally feel somewhat human again, aside from this octopus in a beach ball that I seem to have swallowed. I guess I am now in the "boring stage" of pregnancy ~ as if there could ever be a boring stage in this pregnancy? It's more like waiting for the next thing to happen. I have been having some contractions, mostly when I am driving or riding in the car. I haven't been too concerned, although two mornings this week, I woke up around 4:30 AM with contractions. I saw the doc on Thursday and told him about the contractions. He advised me to come directly to the hospital if I have 4 or more per hour. According to that advice, I should never leave the hospital as it's an hour's drive from my house, and I have them all the way there and all the way back! He checked my cervix and it's still closed tight (thank God!). I worry about pre-term labor more than anything else at this point, knowing the babies have little chance of survival for at least 10 more weeks. Fortunately, my doctor takes everything seriously and worries right along with me.

While I was there, I also talked to him about a vacation we have planned. Back in November, we arranged to rent a house on the beach in North Carolina for a week beginning the end of this month. That was before I became pregnant with the twins, of course. With everything that's been going on, I just knew he wasn't going to let me travel over 700 miles by car. He surprised me by saying that he wanted to see me the week before we leave. I have an appointment and another detailed ultrasound scheduled for the 18th. I guess one advantage of having a complicated pregnancy is that I get to see my babies quite frequently. I'm looking forward to more pictures and another episode of "Baby TV."

Having felt so much better this week, I've been looking at houses. What fun (can't you just hear my enthusiasm?). The last one had plenty of room but the current owners painted the living room walls to look like a medieval stone castle (textured, with cracks and everything) and the carpet was turquoise! The rest of the house wasn't much better and would require too much work to restore to a more normal look. At least other things are starting to fall into place. The "Incredible Hulk" (our new 12 passenger van) arrived this week. Yep, Peter traded in his adorable Bravada for this, this . . . THING. Parked in the driveway, it looks like an over-bloated Daddy van next to my sleek, aerodynamic Mama mini-van (they are slightly differing shades of red). A friend of ours has dubbed it "The Fukuyama Magic Bus." Ha, ha. I am afraid to drive it because it is just so darn big! I knew how hard it was for Peter to part with his car, but he seems to be recovering rather well. Maybe the top-of-the-line stereo/CD system and the busload of speakers is one explanation? On the bright side, at least there's plenty of room for the two infant car seats we picked up at a wonderful warehouse sale last weekend.

Now, if only we could settle the name issue . . . When I first became pregnant, Peter and I talked about names. He is half -Japanese and is very proud of that part of his ethnicity. Since he has four children and none have a Japanese first name, I thought it would be wonderful to give this child a Japanese name. I also wanted the name to reflect the special love Peter and I have found in each other. "Kai" (rhymes with sky) is a Japanese word meaning seaside and part of the screen name Peter was using when we first began talking. At first, Peter wasn't thrilled with the idea of naming our child with a Japanese word that is not actually a Japanese name. After a few weeks, the name began to grow on him and we decided Kai would work for a boy or a girl, using a different middle name. Great, everything simple and easy . . . except now we have two babies and need two names. This is where it gets complicated. We can't decide on a second name! Kait (11 this month) is begging us to name her sister "Abby." I kind of like Abby, although I would spell it "Abi." Peter doesn't like that name. So I suggested we name our son "Kenji," after Peter's cousin. Turns out there is a man named Kenji whom Peter doesn't care for. The middle names are settled . . . "Alan" (Peter's middle name) and "Marie" for his mother (also my mother, Kait's and my middle name). I don't like referring to my children as "Kai and The Other One (who shall be nameless)." Peter keeps threatening me with an emergency c-section where I will be under general anesthesia, and he will name them before I wake up!

Just out of curiosity, I'd like to hear your opinions on our possible choices (okay, so I'm a little desperate . . . it doesn't mean I'm asking you folks to actually name our children!). Drop me an email and tell me what you think: Kai Marie and Kenji Alan OR Kai Alan and Abi Marie. I'll keep you posted on the results!

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