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Shannon's twin pregnancy journal

Week Twenty-one
~ Summer Break! Help!!!!!!!

June 7 ~ What a week! The first full week of summer break for all the kids, and I don't know how I'll make it until school is back in session. David, having turned 16 on the 3rd, started driving school this week. He also has three weeks of summer school to make up an English class, plus a job interview and a doctor's appointment. Alex (our 8-year-old) had four days of Cub Scout day camp to be chauffeured to and from. Peter left mid-week for a business trip in New York City, where he found the time to have dinner with MY best friend (I'm SO jealous!). The babies chose this particular time, with all the chaos, to become extremely active at night. The storms, the kids, the babies . . . Calgon, take me away!!!

Dave has been driving me around this week. Hard to believe I have a teenager with a learner's permit AND two babies in my belly! Traveling with him in the driver's seat gives me a new perspective on things, though. We live out in the country and were returning home from one of our many excursions when we had to stop for geese crossing the road. I have been observing these geese for several weeks . . . five sets of parents and their goslings that cross from the field on one side of the road to the pond on the other and back again every day. I've watched the babies grow from little fluff-balls with legs to miniature versions of their parents. The day we stopped for them to cross, I noticed that one goose family was smaller than the others. "Look, those geese have only two babies," I pointed out to my son. The rest had six or more. Being an emotional pregnant woman, I couldn't stop feeling sorry for the mom and dad geese with such a small family. Somehow, I've managed to transfer that sympathy (pity) to women carrying ONLY one baby. And to the smiling couples with ONLY one or two children. The geese have led me to the revelation that I am okay with this twin thing. Not just okay, but feeling as though it wouldn't be right any other way. Wow, and you probably thought geese were just big messy birds, didn't you?

I know that you're all just holding your collective breath waiting for the results of The Baby Name Game, so here they are so far . . .

Six votes for Kai Alan and Abi Marie (of course, one was my mother's!)
One vote for Kenji Alan and Kai Marie
Two voters made up their own rules . . . one voted for Kai Marie only and gave suggestions for boy names, the other voted for Kai Alan only.
I don't know why naming these babies is so much more difficult than it was naming my other children. David was named the afternoon before he was born. My husband (now ex) and I were on the way home from my OB appointment when he insisted our baby was a boy and we needed a name "right now." We'd sort of played around with names for the seven months since we'd learned I was pregnant, but never managed to get serious. So, sitting in the car, I tried to think of favorite males in my life. I have a cousin David, an Uncle David and the boy I had my first crush on (I was 7 and he was 10) was named David. I threw "David" out for scrutiny. Neither of us could think of anyone named David that we hated. Name settled. Kaitlyn's name came from a book I read as a teenager. I never picked out a boy's name, being so sure she would be a girl. Alex was a name I chose for either a boy or a girl. If he'd been a girl, I would have named her Alyx. Nice and simple, right? Every couple chooses a boy and a girl name if they don't find out what they are having ahead of time. Naming boy/girl twins should only be as difficult as naming one baby whose sex we don't know. Hmmm, maybe we just like to make things difficult?

Although this pregnancy journal is mine, I thought it was a little too one-sided and asked Peter to write a little something about his feelings. In response, he emailed me the following (how on earth did couples communicate before computers? LOL!):

My dear pregnant partner . . . the love of my life . . .

You asked if I would jot down a few thoughts about our pregnancy and how I am feeling about it, so here goes . . .

The night you did the HPT, I thought, "Another child, how neat. A very special gift from God." Then my next thought was, "Oh my God . . . what have we done? Our house is already crazy with five, and we're adding to it!" Then when we found out it was twins, I began to remember what it was like growing up in a house with younger twin brothers (also adopted) and I thought "oh, no!"

But I love the thought of our having the twins. I can't think of two more loving parents for these very special gifts than us. They really are special gifts, as before I fathered Emily and Graham I had to have the vasectomy reversal. The odds of my being able to father a child (let alone a total of FOUR afterward) are very, very slim . . . maybe one in 15 Million. Us having children together, with you having only one ovary is like one in maybe 25 million. I am just glad that I am able to provide for our family.

We have yours, mine and soon to be ours. What a wonderful family we will have once the twins arrive . . . not to take anything away from our already wonderful family. I wouldn't trade this for anything.

I love you very much and trust and pray that our twins will be born healthy, happy and hopefully able to sleep through the night after a week or so (why should they, none of my other kids did?)!

Your partner in crime and love . . . Peter

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