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Week Twenty-two
~ Good News/Bad News and Pregnant Dreams

June 18 ~ I had my second level II ultrasound today and received the proverbial good news/bad news. The good news is that my babies are growing well and fairly equally. Our son is a few days ahead of our daughter growth-wise, but all is well. Both babies were lying transverse with their heads on my left side and their feet on my right. So that's what that big bulge in the left side of my belly was last night! The bad news actually came from the vaginal ultrasound the tech did after the abdominal one. She was checking for changes in my cervix that would indicate signs of pre-term labor and found that my cervix is closed up tight (more good news). Unfortunately, she also found that my placenta is totally covering my cervix. After the first level II ultrasound, I was told I had marginal to partial placenta previa (just touching to partly covering the cervix). Dr T. says there is a possibility that my placenta will move up and off the cervix as my uterus grows (what, MORE GROWTH?? I'm already measuring 31 cm/wks and 41 inches around my waist!!) but I shouldn't hold my breath. I guess I'll have to get around to attending a c-section class the hospital offers.

>More good news, Dr T feels that we're doing well enough to go on our family vacation. A week in a house on the beach in North Carolina . . . here I come! We leave next Saturday, and I'm already envisioning myself doing my Free Willy imitation on the beach. Before I reach that point, I have to survive 14 hours (broken up over two days) in Big Red (the new van) with the four younger kids and Dave driving part of the way . . . YIKES! Peter has been planning ahead and installed a TV and video player in the van so the kids will have something to occupy them besides trying to kill each other and driving us crazy in the process. He is such a good dad.

Okay, I've finally started having some of those weird pregnancy dreams that my fellow preggos talk about. Of course, theirs have all been about babies . . . mine are about cows and facial cleanser! The first dream: for some inexplicable reason, I invited all of these cows into our home for dinner. Peter was in the kitchen mixing dog food (having never shared dinner with a cow, I have NO IDEA what they eat!) and these gourmet "cow cakes" that I paid a fortune for while I was ushering the cows through the front door and through the house. There must have been twenty cows, calves and all, walking through our living room to a back room that we don't even have. I went to the kitchen to help Peter serve (he was complaining about the stench of the "cow cakes"), and we carried trays of food to the back room. When the cows were all finished, I ushered them back out the front door. They were very polite cows, not even leaving a single cow-pie in exchange for the cow cakes!

The second dream: I found myself wandering through a drug store looking for facial cleanser. No matter which aisle I looked in, I couldn't find any. Every time a salesperson approached to ask if I needed assistance, I replied "no thanks, I'm just looking." All through the store, I picked up things intending to buy them but kept setting them down in different places. After a very long time, I left the store without buying anything. Then I was in the car and looking out the window watching one of those dogs that clowns make from balloons. This dog was alive and walking down the street. It was as big as a German Shepherd and green with something dark inside (maybe cow cakes?).

Anyone care to take a stab at dream analysis? Here's my attempt, the first dream: I keep telling Peter that I am so big I feel like a cow. I also worry about being able to breastfeed two babies at once. The cows in my dream represent myself as a breastfeeding mom and our babies. The fact that the dinner went off without a hitch is meant to reassure me that I will have few problems nursing my babies. Second dream: hmm, this is tougher. Could facial cleanser be baby names? It makes sense when you think about my picking up and discarding things but never finding what it was that I was looking for. The green balloon dog with something dark inside it was probably indigestion!

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