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Week Twenty-three

June 22 ~ I spent this week getting ready to leave for our vacation in Duck, North Carolina and wondering if I was going to make it or end up in the hospital. I had some light bleeding on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and didn't tell Peter about it because I didn't want to worry him. I was worried enough for both of us. I just tried to keep off my feet and rest a lot as I was trying to get everything organized for the trip. Thursday, the spotting was gone and I thought everything would be okay. On Friday morning, I had a small amount of bright red bleeding and knew I'd have to tell Peter and head for the hospital if it didn't stop. Fortunately, it ended quickly. Since I had no pain or anything, I think the bleeding was a result of the internal ultrasound I had last week. I know I really should have checked things out with my doctor, but I didn't want to end up in the hospital and disappoint my whole family. It's SO hard trying to balance taking care of the babies inside me and not short-changing the other kids too much. I feel like I'm either taking risks with mine and the babies' health or really being a lousy mother to the rest of them.

Anyhow, we left Saturday around noon and headed for Duck, North Carolina, over 700 miles from home. My son, Dave, drove most of the way, and we broke up the trip over two days. I spent much of the trip with the large back seat of the van to myself. Propped up with a stack of pillows, I was fairly comfortable. I did become pretty stiff from only stopping to walk and stretch every few hours, though. I tried to keep the "potty-breaks" to a minimum so I wouldn't annoy anyone. I'm just glad that kids have small bladders, and I wasn't the only one asking for stops!

We arrived Sunday evening, and I felt pretty good after stretching all the kinks out. The house Peter rented is wonderful, except for all of the stairs. I'm not supposed to be climbing stairs but this house has three floors. The first floor has a game room, second floor has the bedrooms and the third floor has the kitchen and living areas. By the time I get nearly to the top of the last flight of stairs, I have to stop for a minute to catch my breath. I think I'm managing pretty well, so far. No sign of bleeding since that bit Friday morning. I'm just trying to take it as easy as I can and still have a good time with Peter and the kids.

I'll have Peter take a picture of me and my "belly babies" so that I can show you how HUGE the babies are getting! I promised the kids I would let them decorate my belly with washable markers, so maybe you'll even get to see some original artwork. For now, I'm off to the beach so the kids can check out the ocean.

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