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Week Twenty-six
~ Complications

July 12 ~ Okay folks, it's confession time. My vacation was not exactly extended. Peter and I just had some very difficult personal (non-pregnancy related) problems to work through. I'm sure you'll understand if I don't go into detail and forgive me for this interruption in my journal.

I'd like to skip right over weeks 24 & 25 because they're not nearly so exciting as what's going on now. There's a bit of history I should fill in though, just so you don't feel too left behind. Peter had to leave in the middle of our vacation for an overnight business trip, and I had another episode of bleeding while he was gone. I rested in bed for the evening, and it was fine but still pretty scary. The ride home was more uncomfortable than the ride there. I spent the entire time in the back seat of the van, enduring contractions and nausea. Since I'd been experiencing contractions while riding in the car all along, I didn't worry too much. I had more contractions throughout last week, but I attributed them to the stress of the personal stuff that was going on. Which brings us up to date . . .

Sunday ~ Peter and I were invited to friend's for a late lunch. I was totally unaware that "lunch" was actually a surprise baby shower. What fun! Peter, being a party pooper, went off to do "guy things" with our friend's husband, and left me to the shower. I opened gifts and chatted with the hostess and our guests. After the other guests left, Lisa and I were talking at the table. We both stood up at the same time, intending to visit the restroom. I headed downstairs (only two steps) and she headed up. I felt a sudden gush of wetness and was really grateful that Lisa wasn't behind me to witness my embarrassing "accident." Unsure if the wetness was blood or urine, I hurried to check. Finding the fluid soaking my shorts to be clear was, at first, reassuring. I "finished" emptying my bladder, cleaned myself up as best I could and returned to the kitchen. Standing there, I felt another gush, and I looked down to see fluid on my legs. Lisa asked if I was okay, and I just told her to call Peter on his car phone. I hoped what I was thinking was wrong. I hoped somehow I could actually be producing THAT much urine and releasing it with no control what-so-ever. But with a sinking heart, I knew before I ever reached the hospital that the fluid meant one, or both, of my babies' membranes had ruptured.

Peter was actually down near the hospital, and it was quickly agreed that Lisa would start driving that way and Peter would meet us. We reached the hospital about an hour and a half after the phone call. I was rushed up to labor & delivery, and it was confirmed that I was indeed leaking amniotic fluid. Lovely. In addition to carrying twins and dealing with the placenta previa, I now have PROM (premature rupture of membranes). As a result of this latest complication, I have been admitted to the hospital, where I will remain until my babies are born.

Tuesday ~ Now, I realize that I have many concerned readers out there who are anxious to know what's going on. It is now actually Tuesday, July 14, and much has happened since my admission on Sunday. I am on medication to help prevent contractions (will go into this later). The medication has robbed me of my vision focus and coordination, so I am typing with one hand, with one eye open while lying on my side. I will try to keep you updated as best I can. I can't get online access here at the hospital, so I am writing on Peter's laptop, and he will take it home to send out. My highest priority right now is to keep my babies in as long as possible. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Shannon ~ all of us at StorkNet are sending our love and prayers that the wee cave dwellers will stay put long enough to be born big and healthy. Hang in there!

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