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Shannon's twin pregnancy journal

Week Three
~ But I Haven't Gotten the Book Yet!

February 2 ~ I was surfing around on the web and found some great bulletin boards with all of these women trying to get pregnant. I introduced myself and gave a little information, asking for advice. Everyone was so helpful. At their suggestion, I ordered a book on fertility signs and purchased a basal body thermometer to begin charting my cycles. While waiting for a new cycle to begin, I followed the posts on the boards daily. After just a few days, I realized that every time someone posted an early symptom of pregnancy, I suddenly seemed to have it! When I commented on this phenomenon, several of the women had me go through a checklist...
  • tender breasts - check
  • frequent urination - check
  • exhaustion - check
  • mild nausea - check
  • increased creamy cervical mucous (seeming like a beginning yeast infection)- check
  • "twinges" in my uterus - check

When they finished running down the list, one of them posted, "You are SO PREGNANT!" My response? "But I haven't even gotten my book yet!" I refused to believe it.

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